Welcome to my other blog!

This is my new blog where I will be posting ARTicles breaking the taboos around Black Sex & Spirituality!

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My first article will be entitled ‘Master-bation Meditation (Mastering the Art of Masturbation)  which relates to Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’

You can read extracts FREE at www.journeyofasister.com

Cezanne Poetess (Author/Poet/Artist/Black Love Promoter)

P.S. You can also Preview my Self help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ on the same website FREE!


Artisan Impression Touching the Heart…through ART!

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About Cezanne

I am a Self-taught award-winning Visual Artist, Poetess, Author and Events Organizer. My Soul Purpose is to 'Promote LOVE through Creativity!' which I do through my books, art and poetry. I'm also leader of the Soul Purpose Tribe, a global community of people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their true purpose - if that's you, join my tribe and take my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge where I'll introduce you to the 4 'ologies' that will reveal your innate talents, and what you came here to BE. Sign up now, it's FREE! 👈🏾

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